ADHD Support Groups - Supporting a Cause.

The most important part in the process of treatment of any disease is the support that a patient or the victim gets from the people around him. Thus a person suffering from ADHD especially children require huge support from his parents, teachers, his doctors and all other people surrounding him. ADHD support groups can provide a key support, not only to the child suffering from the disease but also to the parents of the child.

Need for ADHD Support Groups:

ADHD is a disease which affects the mental well being of a person, especially of children. The disease is not very easy to diagnose nor is it easy to treat. The treatment of this disease requires accurate diagnosis and the help of professional psychiatrists and psychologists. In such a situation parents of the affected child may not always have the necessary information about the ways and means to treat the disease. This is where ADHD Support Groups step in. They can provide the necessary information about the medical help that can be sought to cure ADHD. They can also provide the information regarding the professional psychologists and trainers who could be consulted for the treatment of ADHD.

Influence of these Support Groups:

Such support groups can play a very crucial part in helping the child and also his parents to overcome this disease. Apart from being the source of information for the medical aid for the parents, they also act as an emotional support for the parents. They bring together such parents together whose children are suffering from ADHD. Thus the parents can share their problems and thoughts with one another. Also such groups can act as friendly platforms where parents can learn, share and relate to with respect to the disease.

ADHD Support Groups:

Some of the ADHD support groups are as follows:

1) Anna Jacques Hospital provides ADHD support groups.
2) Al Anon Support Group
3) Awake


In every walk of life an individual requires support. When it comes to supporting in course of a disease, support, can be the corner stone in curing it. Thus the support groups can be a boon for the children suffering from ADHD and also for their parents.

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