ADHD Disorder- ADHD Disorder- The New Age Disease

The 21st century is the century which is hallmarked by the maximum number of inventions, discoveries, innovations and mind- blowing progress with the speed of light. But as the world progresses to a new phase the number of diseases an maladies affecting humans too is increasing. One of the diseases of the 21st century affecting people especially children and youngsters is ADHD i.e. Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

Know More about ADHD:

According to expert's individuals, especially, children suffering from ADHD show the following symptoms:
1) Children do not pay close attention to details; make mistakes in whatever activities that they undertake.
2) They have difficulty in sustaining attention in any tasks for a long time.
3) They often do not listen when spoken to
4) Such children refuse to follow instructions and fail to finish the tasks assigned to them.
5) They fail to organize their activities.
6) They dislike getting engaged in activities which require prolonged mental effort.
7) They are forgetful in nature.
8) They are extremely hyperactive and restless.
9) They are very impulsive and can be easily distracted.
ADHD mainly affects children up to the age of 7 years. Studies also show that boys are affected more that girls.
The main causes of ADHD are as follows:
1) Genetic reason
2) Environmental reason
3) Malnutrition
4) Disturbances in metabolism
5) Resistance to the thyroid hormone.
The most important role in treating this disease is played by professional psychologists, psychiatrists, pediatricians. However they must avoid the problem of either over- diagnosing or under-diagnosing. They must use proper medical and psychological tests and other techniques for accurate diagnosis as well as treatment. There are several therapies, clinical trials and stimulants that help in determining the nature and degree of the disease. There are also some drugs prescribed by the parishioners to decrease the effect of the disease. Experts also recommend a proper and well balanced diet as a part of the treatment of ADHD.
Conclusion: Though due to mass media and several other means of communication a lot has been conveyed about ADHD. However still a lot needs to be done with respect to spreading awareness about the disease and its cure.

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