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Today, one of the major diseases that children and youth suffer from is the disease called Attention Deficit Disorder or ADD. Though even adults can suffer from this disease, it mainly affects children and the youth. Though ADD has received a great amount of focus and attention since the past several years, there is a large section of the people who are unaware of this disease and are not aware of the exact nature of this disease.

What is Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)

Attention Deficit Disorder refers to that kind of illness where children are unable to concentrate for a longer duration of time. ADD mainly focuses on the inability of children to remain attentive for a long time.

ADD is caused because…

ADD mainly affects children in their school-going age. The exact reason as to why this disease is caused is yet to be ascertained. However according to some experts, the dsease may be caused due to the following reasons:

a) The disease may be hereditary and can be genetically transmitted from the parents to the child.
b) The disease can also be caused due to chemical imbalance or lack of certain neurotransmitters which control and regulate the activity of the brain.
c) According to research it has been found that children suffering from ADD show a slow rate at which the brain uses glucose (glucose is the main source of energy for the brain)

Symptoms of ADD:

The symptoms of ADD can be traced as follows:

a) Distractibility: Distractibility refers to the disorder when a child is easily distracted and has a very short attention span. Inattention can be seen also when a child has difficulty in completing a task or face difficulty in concentrating on it and often lose track mid-way.
b) Impulsiveness: Impulsiveness refers to the fact that the child may act before thinking. ADD refers to the child being over impulsive.
c) Hyperactive: Children are said to be hyperactive when they have extremely high energy levels. As children grow older this hyperactive nature transforms into the individual becoming restless or fidgety.

How to exactly diagnose ADD:

Though there are no exact ways in which this disease can be diagnosed through certain tests like blood test or urine test, a good professional child psychologist, child psychiatrist or a child specialist can help a lot in correctly diagnosing ADD. Though all children show signs of impulsiveness, hyperactive behavior and inattentiveness, children suffering fro ADD show these signs on an extremely regular basis and more often that the normal children show.


add can affect almost any child. Parents, teachers can help the children a lot in overcoming add.

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